Meet Pastor Maryl Gibson

Hi, I am Pastor Maryl Gibson, and I am the Pastor at Mount Hope Community Church. I enjoy so much what I do here. I love working with all our leaders and the members of our church. I love being challenged to help bring out the best in our leaders and members by helping them see their purpose and potential.


I have two children, five grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. I love hanging out with them - talking, laughing, and sharing my life experiences with them, good and bad.

In my spare time, there are a few things I like to do. In the summer, I like to go to the park and just sit and do nothing. I might even fall asleep in my car. I also like to go to different lakes and watch all the people swimming and boating. For me, going outside to work in my yard with all the beautiful plants and flowers is also very relaxing and enjoyable. Another one of my hobbies is home decorating. I like the challenge of putting colors, textures, accessories, and furnishings together.


When I was a student at Spring Arbor College, I was in a fine arts class. On one particular day I remember the instructor teaching about a specific piece of art. He explained to us that with art, everything has a purpose – every line, every circle etc. The art piece he was using as his subject matter was the painting of “The Last Supper.” As he was mentioning where Jesus was sitting compared to the position of the apostles, some of the students were laughing and goofing around. The instructor stopped, with tears running down his face he said “I’m talking about my Jesus,” He talked about Him like he knew Him personally. I had never heard anyone talk about Jesus like that. For me, most of the time when I heard people talk about Jesus, it was more like Jesus was not real to them or they talked about Him as if He was just a name.

That day something changed for me and in me. I wanted to know Jesus like the instructor knew Jesus. I knew without a doubt that he was not just talking about Jesus the way I had heard other people talk about Him. He knew Jesus personally. From that day on, I embarked on a journey to know Jesus the same way.


Now I want to invite you to get to know Jesus like I know Jesus.