Meet the Leaders

Mount Hope Church had its beginning in 1925. That year, Joe Kerekes of Detroit, Michigan, received a word from the Lord to quit his job and move to Lansing, Michigan, to witness to a man named James Nemeth. When James asked Joe Kerekes, “How long are you staying?” Joe replied, “Until you are saved.”

After James Nemeth was led to the Lord, he started holding meetings in people’s homes. His focus was on the population of Hungarian immigrants in the Lansing area. His goal was that every family of Hungarian descent in the city would be saved. That goal was met through fasting, prayer, and Bible studies almost every night.

After 1928, for nearly ten years, the church met in a rented hall above a store on Cedar Street. The church grew to a total of about 80 people.

Maryl Gibson
Associate Pastor
Marvin Potts Jr.
Youth Leader
Belle Black
Prayer Team and Oasis Women's Ministry Leader
Stan Davis
Helps Pastor
Leina Mullins
Children's Ministry Leader
Randy Brown
Hospitality Leader
Joyce Hicks
Worship Team Leader
Roger Mullins
Mount Hope Warriors
Men's Ministry
Johnny Akines
Media & Sound Leader
MounT Hope

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